Paintings and Drawings

Sketching, drawing and painting have always played an important part in my preparation, and this discipline has evolved into large drawings using watercolour, pencil, charcoal and, on large canvasses, exploring the use oil paint. Some are very abstract using powerful colour and techniques, and some are illustrative with a narrative running through all of them called ‘ My injustices’ :  Poverty, Discrimination, Climate change, and many more.
All my topics, like my ceramics, tell their own story containing strong messages that hopefully resonate with those viewing them.
My aim is to stimulate visually and mentally the very real changes that are an inescapable part of our troubled and changing world.

Buying paintings

Get in contact with me. Price for paintings (framed) start at £425 for 50 x40 cm up to £1400 for 100x100cm
They can also be purchased unframed.