About Michèle


I have been passionate about ceramics from a very early age and have been influenced by some of the great traditional baroque artists like Rubens, and by modern artists like Botero, with their original portrayal of voluptuous women.

My Story

How I Got Started

After University, I set up my own studio in Hereford and worked for many years making pots, sculpting, painting and teaching.

Since moving to France some years ago, I have pursued a more narrative style, studying and experimenting with the human form. When I created my “Femmes Fatales” I was instantly captured and amused by their charm, wit and their genuine joy of life, and from these beginnings the remarkable collection of my girls emerged. They have graced many a home, exhibition and gallery both here in France and in the UK.

So here they are doing what they do best: showing off their love of life. They hide behind their mysterious smiles with their luscious lips, and the drama queens fiddle with their exotic costumes, taking their provocative stance and curling their toes in delight. They are fun, vivacious and voluptuous, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

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