Paintings and Drawings

Buying paintings

Get in contact with me. Price for paintings (framed) start at £425 for 50 x40 cm up to £1400 for 100x100cm
They can also be purchased unframed.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the new abstract works came from a many years of chemotherapy and looking for ways to express all the things that remain positive, colourful and strong.
‘sharing a miracle with words empirical’ is the title of these works and I hope I have managed to share with the viewers some of the conflicts and power of the emotions that accompany such aggressive therapy. It is a long and complex journey, and I hope I have found a way of showing a path that is interesting and stimulating to follow.

Following the very positive and supportive reaction to this new departure I have Started a new series Titled ‘ it was none to soon for the grey silver moon’  and I hope to develop my ideas even further, using vibrant colour and texture to create a canvas that attracts attention and allows plenty of scope for personal interpretation.

‘ not a moment left to deceive, I hope you come to believe’

All the canvases are painted in oil paint a favourite expressive medium, I love to use regularly.

‘Until the day, what to say,  will someone finally pay’

My people’  are my friends, family and clients who live along side of me in all sizes and mediums, flowing charcoal, teases out features and the solidity of oil chisels out cheeks and jaws. All sorts of expressions are used to tell the story behind the character of the models used.